Why Should You Sell Before Winter?

We have 3 good reasons for you to consider it...

1.  Lots of Buyers

Right now we are still having beautiful weather so the buyers are still out and looking!  Once the snow starts to fall...a lot of buyers go into "hibernation" for the winter.  

2.  Quicker Closing

Fall is that time in-between the crazy summer buying season and the winter holiday season when lenders aren't quite as busy.  This means they can often move through the process quicker so you can close and start enjoying your new home quicker!

3.  Prices are Rising

If you are selling and hoping to purchase a new home...now is the time before price rise.  You may be able to get a little more for your current home by waiting, but you will also pay more for whatever you purchase.  This can cost you more, not only in purchase price, but also in closing costs and interest payments over the life of the loan. 

Fall is a great time to sell in Maine. 
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