November in Maine means it's time for snowy weather...
and time to prepare your home for the long winter. 

Are you ready?

Here are 5 tips to prepare your home for the Maine winter:

  1. Check for Drafts 
    Check around windows, doors and electrical switches and outlets for drafts.  Adding some weather stripping, caulk, or foam gaskets can reduce drafts in your home. 

  2. Add Insulation 
    Adding some insulation in the attic or walls is a great way to reduce your winter heating costs. 

  3. Service your Heating Systems 
    having a professional service your heating system can help not only insure it is working properly, but can help protect you from dangers such as fire or carbon monoxide.  Don't forget to check the chimney to see if it needs to be cleaned!

  4. Prevent Frozen Pipes 
    Draining you outdoor faucets and putting away thes hoses can help prevent suprise breaks in the spring. 

  5. Prepare for Snow 
    Now is the time to service snow removal equipment, find the shovels that got burried over the summer, and stock up on sand & ice melt.

Check out our "Winter Ready" board on Pinterest for more ideas on how get ready and save money this winter.