Would You Love To Have A New Green Home?
How about a Green and Affordable New Business Location?

If you would like a green home built with whatever layout you want, that could be built quickly, and save on future costs & maintenance...
We have the solution for you!


Shelter+7 is a New cutting edge state-of-the-art eco-green "ultra-high performance building shell system"TM offers a healthier lifestyle as well as...

  • A very short construction cycle that reduces carrying cost and wait time.
  • Extremely rugged structure that can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads.
  • Low maintenance and low energy costs, increasing disposable income and the time to enjoy family, travel, and life.
  • Unlimited floor plan design opportunities to meet everyone's living, socializing, entertaining, and work preferences.
  • Smart home technology.

Best of all, they are being built right here in Maine! 

These buildings are very versatile and can be uses for a Residential home, Vacation home, Commercial building, or even Condos or Apartments.  There are unlimited design options with the floor plan and buildings can be constructed and weather tight in as few as 7-10 days!

Visit our Green Homes In Maine site to find out more and see photos and video of the building process!

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