What about that First Offer?

When you list your house the goal is to get an offer and sell your house...right?  Getting an offer within the first few days of listing your house should be a great thing!  So why is it that when a home owner gets an offer right away their first question seems to be
"Did we price it too low?" 

The truth is the first offer is often the best offer. 

With today's technology, buyers know when new listings hit the market faster than ever.  They also can get more information about a property that ever before...without even seeing it in person.  Because of this, when the right home comes on the market, buyers are often afraid they will lose it if they don't act quickly. In fact, most activity on a listing that is priced correctly is usually in the first few weeks of listing. 
Turning away reasonable offers during this period does not necessarily mean you will get a better offer later.

On the other hand, if a property sits on the market for a while, buyers often feel that something must be wrong with it since it hasn't sold. They feel they should be able to get it for less because there is not the pressure of someone beating them to it.

If you have an agent who has helped you price your property correctly and gets it onto the Multiple Listing Service quickly - your first offer could be your best offer.  Don't miss out!

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