Great Neighbor Holiday Gifts

The holidays are a great time to reconnect with your neighbors,
or meet new neighbors. 
What better way to drop by with
a small, thoughtful gift? 

The size of the gift isn't's about building relationships! 

Here are a few gift ideas you may like to try...

  HOT DRINK MIXES - will keep your neighbors toasty on a cold winter day.  Pick up a few mugs, add a homemade cider or hot cocoa mix and a bow!  

MIXES IN JARS - are sure to be a hit!  Just fill a jar with a mix for cookies, brownies, soups, or breads...there are so many options!

BAKED GOODS - are the timeless classic.  If you enjoy baking, make a few extras for the neighbors!

POINESTTAS - This symbol of the holiday season is a great options...or try Amaryllis or Paperwhites!

BOTTLE OF WINE - or sparkling cider is a great way to celebrate the holiday season.  Try slipping it into a cute wine bag.


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