Selling in the Winter

In Maine, selling in winter has its challenges.
  Short daylight hours, cold, snow & ice to name a few. 
But it can be a great time to sell. 
You usually have less competition and
the buyers who are looking are most often very serious
about getting into something as soon as possible! 

To help you have the best chance to sell this winter,
we put together a checklist of 5 things to do
when you are selling in the winter...

[  ]  Clear Your Driveway and Walkways Clear - Buyers are excited to get inside and see your home...don't dampen their enthusiasm by making it difficult to get into the property.  You want them to be anticipating what they are going to see, not thinking about all the shoveling they will need to do.

[  ]  Don't Forget Curb Appeal - We tend to think more of curb appeal in the warmer months, but buyers do drive-bys even in the winter.  You want your house to be attractive and inviting when they drive by.

[  ]  Boots, Boots, Boots - Boots are a fact of life during a Maine winter, so don't forget to provide a place for buyers to easily remove or clean their boots or shoes when they come to view your home. 

[  ]  Light it up - Daylight hours are short in the wintertime, so make sure you leave on lights both inside and outside of your home.  Outside so the buyers can enter easily, and inside to make the home tour easier and more inviting.

[  ]  Warm and Cozy - Don't forget to keep the heat at a comfortable temperature for your showings.  Being cold during a showing is distracting to the buyers and may make them wonder about heating costs.  A warm and cozy home is much more appealing.


Check out our "Selling In Winter" board on Pinterest for more ideas!