5 Spring Staging Tips
to sell your home faster and for top dollar!

Besides the regular cleaning and decluttering,
these tips can help your home stand out
from the competition this spring. 
Give them a try!

1.  Clear The Clutter
Winter in Maine brings a special kind of clutter...both inside and outside.  Inside declutter the boots, mittens, hats, and winter gear that gathers over the winter months.  Outside put away the shovels, ice melt, sleds, skis, etc. that might be lying around.

2.  Let In The Light
Clean the windows and the curtains or blinds and open them up to let in the light.  The days are starting to get longer...use it to your advantage!

3.  Add Some Color
Using towels, linens, and throw pillows in bright spring colors can add life and interest to a room.  Impress the buyers with just a few well-chosen colorful accessories.

4.  Sniff It
Let's face it...our houses are closed up all winter and can start smelling stale. You want your home to smell clean and fresh...which will probably involve doing some cleaning, but if you add candles or air fresheners...skip the heavy scents and choose something light like cotton, linen or light fruit or floral scents.

5.  Invite Them In
Make the exterior inviting!  Make sure the driveway and walks are swept and clear, touch up trim paint around doors & windows, and add some colorful touches to the porch, deck, or entry. 

A little effort can go a long way
toward making your house special to potential buyers. 
Don't you want your house to be
the one they remember and want to buy? 
Give these tips a try and
wait for the offers to come in! 

Let's get your house sold this spring!

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