The biggest mistake homeowners make when selling
is overpricing their property. 

We know it is disappointing when you meet with a Realtor and the price they suggest you list your home for is not what you hoped.  It can be tempting to just "test the market" with a higher listing price...after all what can it hurt?  We hear this all the time, but you really can hurt your chances of selling for the highest possible price the market will bear by overpricing.  What are the dangers?

1. Buyers comparison shop

Keep in mind that buyers are comparing your home to other homes on the market.  With pictures and videos of almost every home listed for sale on real estate websites, buyers "shop" online before they ever schedule a showing.  If your house isn't one of the best houses in that price range, the buyer might never even schedule a showing and if they do and the home doesn't live up to the competition...they will just write an offer on something else.  You want to be the best home in your price range.  If you are, you may even get multiple offers which will drive your price up! 

2.  Buyers may not find your home

Most buyers are searching online for their next home so they are usually at the mercy of preset price increments set by the websites.  If your home is priced at $205,000 and a buyer is searching up to $200,000, your home will not show up on their search.  They will never know you exist.  Your best bet is to keep the search increments in mind when pricing.  Instead of pricing at $205,000 consider $199,000.  You will increase the amount of buyers seeing your home and therefore increasing your chances to sell.

3.  Your home might get stale

You may want to "try" a higher price than the comps show and "just reduced the price later".   Buyers are watching what is on the market.  If they keep seeing the same listing over and over, they tend to think something is wrong with the home and just pass it over without a second thought.  You have to have people walk through the door to get offers.  Your best chance of selling for top dollar is when your listing is "fresh" on the market.  Don't blow your first only get one!

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