If you have decided to sell a home in Maine,
what are you required to disclose to the buyer?
As a buyer, what disclosures should you expect from a seller?

First and foremost, you want to be honest
about any information you are giving a potential buyer. 
  If you did not disclose something you were aware of,
or were not honest about something...
you are opening yourself up for potential liability. 
Your buyer will most likely discover these things once thay move in. 
Making disclosures up front actually can protect you!

Make sure the property disclosure you get is filled out completely.
If something is not answered or if you have questions
about something you see,
ask your agent to find out more information.
Keep in mind, the seller may not know the answers
to some of your questions...
that's where a good inspector comes into play!

In the State of Maine the following items are required to be disclosed on the Seller's Property Disclosure Form:

Information on Private Water Supply
Information on Heating System(s)
Information on Waste Water Disposal System
Information on any Known Hazardous Materials
Information on any Known Material Defects
Information should also be provided about Lead-Based Paint, Arsenic in Water and Arsenic in Wood.

Why navigate this process by yourself?
One of our experienced agents can guide you through the process
and protect you and your interests. 
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