Why Wait to sell in the Spring?

Buyers are out shopping right now! 

There are even advantages to selling in the winter:

1.  Buyers are Motivated - The buyers who are out braving the cold and snow are usually very motivated to buy so you get less "lookers" and more real potential buyers.

2.  Less Competition - A lot of sellers wait until spring to put their house on the market.  Wouldn't you like to have less competition when you sell?   Now's the time before the competition increases in April...you could be moving in March or April instead and enjoying your new home this spring!

3.  Postcard Perfect - There is something about a house with fresh snow that makes it look like a postcard.  Yes, you need to keep you driveway and walkways cleared, but Mother Nature just took care of giving your home curb appeal...take advantage of it! 

Would you like more information about selling your home before spring?  Give us a call today!